A Crack in the Ice

Okay. Fast forward to Tuesday May 19th (still the year of perfect vision, 2020) AND of COVID-19. As of this day, The Washington Post reports that 88,000 people have died from this disease in the US out of 1,480,000 reported cases. [Taking a deep breath…affirming that I am still able to ]. The country’s earliestContinue reading “A Crack in the Ice”


Yesterday I went in to Sierra Vista to my local family owned hardware/lawn and garden store with the intent of buying some pots and potting soil to plant some sweet peas, chocolate scented daisies, and some pansies. After loading up about four of these, I wandered around the outdoor nursery, face mask protection in place,Continue reading “4/23/2020”

Jack Kornfield talk

….AT SPIRIT ROCK MEDITATION CENTER, Woodacre, California on April 20th, 2020 I first heard of Jack Kornfield sometime in the 1990’s when I had my intro to Insight Meditation from Rodney Smith in Seattle. But until I stumbled upon this talk I didn’t realize the enormity of his teachings which have been a kingpin inContinue reading “Jack Kornfield talk”

Staying open while being shut down

This blog is a vehicle for staying connected during a very difficult and decisive year due to the 2020 pandemic of Corona virus or COVID-19. A log of my coping mechanisms…some counter productive but hopefully grist for a deeper acceptance of life as I’m trying to understand it.

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