Yesterday I went in to Sierra Vista to my local family owned hardware/lawn and garden store with the intent of buying some pots and potting soil to plant some sweet peas, chocolate scented daisies, and some pansies. After loading up about four of these, I wandered around the outdoor nursery, face mask protection in place, and picked up an Indian Laurel flowering shrub suitable for high desert USDA zone 10 and after some deliberation a 10′ tall eucalyptus micro theca. This version is most closely related to a very common Australian eucalyptus called “Coolabah” . I figured if it can survive the rigors of the Australian climate, it should do well at our arid 4,700 foot elevation in southeastern Arizona. With the help of Karen the store employee, we cajoled the coolabah into the Pathfinder with rear seats down and shot gun window open. She urged me to plant it right away when I got home, “…it will really appreciate it” she said and for some reason I took her advice to heart and had it in the ground before sun down. I realized only later after researching the cultivar that unbeknownst I had planted a tree on Earth Day!

A riveting Talk by Jill Shepherd on impermanence


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